So you want to knit a poncho?

Happy New Year! I’m currently typing this on New Year’s eve without any particular goal in mind. However, I do want to bring up an interesting topic that I never really thought about before – knitting a poncho. It’s a versatile little item that can be worn pretty much at any time of the year. Obviously, fibre choice and colour will dictate the best time that it should be worn, but it truly is the Swiss Army Knife of a good wardrobe.

I never really gave a poncho much thought in the past. Having recently turned 40, I’m starting to look at things a little differently. With age comes the desire for comfort. Maybe this is why I have started wearing dungarees while working from home? They are comfortable, practical and give the appearance of giving a crap about getting dressed in the morning.

The first knitting challenge of the New Year is to knit a delicious poncho. When it comes to most knitting projects, it’s advisable to devise a list of desirable traits when searching for the perfect pattern!

Dr Frankenskein’s list of considerations:

  • Length of poncho: Short? Long? Medium?
  • Yarn Weight: Lace weight or fingering/sock weight?
  • Design: Lacy? Most straight stitch? Garter stitch for speed? Cables?
  • Any Accents such as beading or metallic threads?
  • Technique: knitted flat and then seam joined? Knitted in the round?

I looked around for decent poncho patterns on independent yarn seller’s websites, but I couldn’t find anything that suited my tastes. It seems a lot of the widely available poncho patterns are very short length-wise. When I say short, I mean barely coming down to the elbows. Sometimes you just want something that is flattering and covers your top half without being too warm.

I appealed to the Lace Knitting group on Facebook for ideas and suggestions for finding what I wanted. One particular user pasted a number of REALLY good lacy patterns and I’ve narrowed down my choices to two: Venezia by Anniken Allis and Leila by Birgit Freyer. I really can’t decide which one is my favorite.

So far in this little project I’ve dyed some lace weight and it’s currently drying. It’s a little thinner than what the pattern calls for, but I think it will work just fine.

I’m leaning towards Anniken Allis as I’ve not knitted one of her projects before and I’m keen to have something sweet and delicate (unlike me!).

Updated: 02/02/2021 – I’ve started the poncho and I’ve stopped the poncho. Between work and moving the yarn shop along, I barely have time to sleep. However, I hope to find a day or two this week to get this kicked off quicker. I can’t confirm nor deny that two SSKs that were inadvertently skipped during the third round of the chart, which may or may not have frustrated me in my sleep deprived state.

Materials for Venezia

  • Lace Weight 600m/656yds per 100g x 2 skeins
  • 3.75mm (UK 9/US 5) circular needles – 40cm (16in), 80cm (32in), 120cm (48in) length
  • Seed Beads size 6 – 144 beads (1 bag)
  • 0.75mm (US 14) crochet hook

Materials for Leila

  • 4.50mm (US 7) circular needles
  • 5.00mm (US 8) circular needles
  • Any lace weight yarn adding up to 900m

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