New! Dyers Remorse Handmade Stitch Markers

I’ve been fairly quiet lately and that’s because I’ve been working on dyeing yarn and making handmade stitch markers behind the scenes. I have over 20 different sets of stitch markers to add to the website and lots and lots and lots of yarn that needs to be photographed.

As a side project, I have been knitting socks with a very unique colour way (called “Funny Pages”, which incidentally had it’s name copied not long after I shared the story behind it on Instagram) that may never be repeated again. However, I do have one extra skein which will be listed next weekend (I say that, but then I find myself busy with other things)! It has a pale yellow base with matches of pink, blue, and soft purple patches. I quite like this colour. It’s a little bit weird and unusual, but so am I. For one of the finished socks, see my post on Instagram, Toe-up sock number 1. I don’t think I believe in second sock syndrome. I haven’t started the second sock yet…….

I hope you do enjoy the stitch markers as I’m trying to be more adventurous when making decisions. After all, this is Dyers Remorse and just about anything is likely to happen. A few sets of the new stitch markers have been added to the shop. Some of them, in my opinion, are gorgeous!

Most of the stitch markers I have use sterling silver plated findings, which work beautifully with the shiny, iridescent cabochon beads. I will be listing a lot more soon and some use 100% stainless steel findings because they look better with the beads used in the design. For a sneak peek preview, scroll down to the end of this post! Which one is your favourite?

I have suspicions that I will need to retake the pictures for some of the stitch markers because the lighting wasn’t consistent.

Many thanks for reading and  see you in the Funny Pages!


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